At the Graphics-Visualization-Computing-Lab at IIIT-Bangalore, we focus in research and development in scientific and information visualization, GPGPU (general purpose GPU computing) and graphics.

We work on data models involving second-order tensors, complex networks, and multivariate data. Our current domains/data of interest are geosciences/ earth observations, medical data, public health data.

GVCL is one of the founding and participating labs of the Center for Data Sciences (CDS) at IIITB. GVCL is affiliated to the E-Health Research Center (EHRC) at IIITB.

Currently Trending

Our paper "NodeTrix-CommunityHierarchy: Techniques for Finding Hierarchical Communities for Visual Analytics of Small-world Networks," will appear in proceedings of IVAPP 2017.

Our paper "NodeTrix-Multiplex: Visual Analytics of Multiplex Small-world Networks" has been accepted at Complex Networks 2016. It will be published in its proceedings in Studies in Computational Intelligence Series, Springer Verlag.

Upcoming Submission Deadlines

[02/2017] Special edition in Computational Social Networks, extended version of our Complex Networks 2016 paper
[01/2017] IGARSS 2017 submission
[12/2016] IVAPP 2017 camera-ready submission
[12/2016] Dagstuhl chapter camera-ready submission

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