Balaji Parthasarathy | International Institute of Information Technology, Banglore

Balaji Parthasarathy

Professor & Dean (Faculty)



  • Ph.D. (University of California, Berkeley)

Professor Parthasarathy's research and teaching interests broadly focuses on the relationship between technological innovation, economic globalization, and social change. Within this broad focus, his work follows two threads. One thread examines the impacts of public policy and firm strategies on the organization of production in the ICT (information and communications technology) industry. Another thread deals with "ICTs for Development," or ICTD. Here his interests lie in understanding how ICTs are being deployed in various domains of activity to transform social relationships, especially in economically underprivileged contexts

Research Interests

  • Social and spatial impacts of technological innovation and economic globalization, ICT (information and communications technology) for Development

Selected Publications

Refereed Publications:

  • 2010 The Computer Software Industry as a Vehicle of Late Industrialisation: Lessons from the Indian case.Journal of Asia-Pacific Economy. 15(3):247-270.

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Book Chapters:

  • 2011 The Role of Standards in Technology Driven Commodity Chains: The Information and Communications Technology Service Industry in Dalian, China, and Bangalore, India. Forthcoming in Moriki Ohara (ed.). Palgrave Macmillan. (2nd author: Bharath M Palavalli)

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Technical Reports & Working Papers:

Book Reviews:

  • 2007 - Asish Arora and Alfonso Gambardella (eds). 2005. From Underdogs to Tigers: The Rise and Growth of the Software Industry in Brazil, China, India, Ireland, and Israel. Oxford University Press. Economic Geography. 83(3):331-332.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Globalization and Regional Economic Development
    Comparative Advantage, International Division of Labor, Spatial Organization of Economic Activity

  • Innovation and Technology Policy
    Political-Economy of Technology, Social and Environmental Impacts of Information Technology

Courses Taught

  • IT 651 - Dynamics of the Information Technology Industry
  • IT 652 - Economic and Social Impacts of Information Technolog

Research & Consulting

  • 2008 - Importance of Development Context in Use of ICT4D Projects: A Study of Land Record Computerization in India.Dissertation submitted by Amit Prakash, Fellowship in Management Programme, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (Committee member)

  • 2007 - The Post-Consumptive Residues of Information Technology: E-waste Management and Disposal in Bangalore and Chennai, India. Master's thesis submitted by Janani Vasudev for the Master of Technology degree (Chairperson)

  • 2004 - The Effects of E-Governance Implementation on Women: A Study of the Sustainable Access in Rural India (SARI) Project, Madurai. Master's thesis submitted by Janaki Srinivasan for the Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology (Chairperson)

  • 2002 - Reasons for the Inimitability of Network Resources: A Case Study in the Research and Development Services Domain of the Indian Information Technology Industry. Dissertation submitted by N.Dayasindhu, Fellowship in Management Programme, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (Committee member)