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M.Tech Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)

The goal of post graduate programs at IIIT-B is to develop professionals of high quality to cater to the needs of industry and academia. Such education will be based on a broad grasp of the fundamental principles of the sciences and scientific methods, a deep understanding of specific area of specialization, an ability to solve new problems, and a capacity to learn continually and interact with multidisciplinary groups. Above all, IIIT-B aims at developing in its students a capacity for free and objective enquiry, courage and integrity, and awareness and sensitivity to the needs and aspirations of society. The postgraduate programs are designed with the above goals in view. They include courses of study, seminars, project work, internships, and research leading to a thesis.


M. Tech in Computer Science and Engineering is a two year (4 semester) programme.  Students in the first semester can choose foundational courses from a given pool covering the areas of algorithms, software systems, and mathematics. As part of the mandatory branch electives students must do courses from the area of TCS (Theoretical Computer Science) and SSY (Software Systems). Subsequently, they can choose electives to get specialization from one of the following SIX areas:


  1. AIML (Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning).
  2. TCS  (Theoretical Computer Science).
  3. SSY (Software Systems).
  4. NC (Networking and Communication).
  5. VLSI (VLSI Systems).
  6. DT (Digital Society).


Selection Procedure:  GATE (CS) SCORE

Intake:  150

All students enrolled in the M.Tech. programme are residential, full-time students.