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“Exam Tablets or e-pads” – technology which is revolutionizing the face of examination is now at IIITB. The exams pads are digital writable devices with a stylus which supersede the conventional pen and paper method. The objective is to digitalize the process while retaining the experience of writing an exam. At a testing phase, few of the core examinations have already been taken by students through exam pads at IIITB.

The exam pads are manufactured by a Singapore based EdTech Company Littlemore Innovation Labs. The distribution, logistic, and technical support to universities, is provided through their Indian division - Ppyrus India Pvt Ltd.

The pads work on the cloud platform. Everything from setting of the question papers, answering the questions by the students and evaluation is on the cloud. The professors can upload the question papers online. The platform is capable of handling both objective and subjective questions and answers. The answers written by students can later be accessed by the Professors for evaluation. The evaluation process is done using a digital pen. The results of all the students are also stored on the cloud.

The entire examination process is simplified right from the process of setting the question paper to publishing of the results. Some of the key advantages of the digital exam pads are the questions can be jumbled for each student to reduce malpractises, its eco-friendly as papers are not required, its secure as a biometric login is required, its evaluation is transparent as the students get to see the evaluation of the answers and can go for re-evaluation and it’s easy to use students can draw graphs, diagrams, highlight, underline, copy paste text using features available in the product.

IIITB as a policy requires all evaluated papers be retained for a period of 3 years from the date of convocation and this technology having data on the cloud is making it not easier and more accessible to IIITB.

Exams pads are the future of the examinations across the nation. Many universities have already started adapting to this technology and we at IIITB are proud to say that we are moving towards the future.