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Admissions for the Integrated M.Tech CSE and ECE for 2023 is closed.

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IIITB introduced a 5 year Integrated M.Tech. (I.M.Tech.) programme in 2012. The Integrated M.Tech. programme is a 5-year integrated programme intended for students who have completed or are completing Plus Two of schooling (or equivalent). At the end of five years of the programme, successful students get dual degrees of B.Tech. and M.Tech.  A new curriculum has been followed since 2020 that allows dual specialization for both CSE and ECE students. Students in both CSE and ECE branches can specialize in the below listed areas: AIML (Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning), TSCD (Theory and Systems for Computing and Data), NC (Networking and Communication), VLSI (VLSI Systems), Cyber Security (CY) and DT (Digital Society).

The I.M.Tech. CSE/ECE is a ten-semester programme where the first eight semesters constitute academic course work. During the ninth semester, students are given an option to work on a project or choose course work which will help in pursuing higher studies. In the 10th semester, the student may opt for thesis or internship in a well-recognized organization.

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Minimum Requirements

The minimum qualification required for admission to the Integrated M.Tech. programme at IIITB is a first-class in 10 + 2 (or equivalent) with Mathematics as one of the subjects. Students expecting to complete the minimum requirement by September 2023 may also apply.

The current year admissions to the I.M.Tech. programme is solely based on the NTA Rank in the JEE Main 2023 exam, which is conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) (this criterion is subject to the minimum qualification requirements mentioned previously). 


Choice of Branch: IIITB offers admission to two branches Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) and Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE).

  • Any I.M.Tech. applicant is automatically considered for admission to both the branches (CSE and ECE) if there are vacant seats in both these branches during the turn of the applicant. The applicant is offered both these branches but has to choose one branch only by paying the fees and indicating the choice of branch on or before the date mentioned in the offer letter. Failure to pay the fees or confirm the choice of branch before the deadline will result in the cancellation of the offer and the applicant will not be eligible for further admission rounds except the Special Admission Round (see Important Dates section).
  • During the turn of the applicant if there are vacant seats in only one branch (for example, CSE), then the applicant is offered that particular branch only (for example, CSE). If the applicant is interested in opting for that branch (for example, CSE), then the applicant has to confirm the acceptance of this offer by paying the fees on or before the date mentioned in the offer letter. Failure to pay the fees before the deadline will result in the cancellation of the offer made for that particular branch (for example, CSE) and will not be eligible to get any offer for the same branch (for example, CSE) in further admission rounds except the Special Admission Round (see Important Dates section). However, the candidate will still be eligible for admission to the other branch (for example, ECE) if there are vacant seats for that branch in further rounds including the Special Admission Round.


There is no fixed cut-off of NTA rank for the I.M.Tech. programme. In 2022, admission offers were made up to NTA Rank 8997 for CSE and 18457 for ECE. In 2021, admission offers were made up to NTA Rank 6000 for CSE and 7200 for ECE. In 2020, admission offers were made up to NTA Rank 7300 for CSE and 9000 for ECE. In 2019, admission offers were made up to NTA Rank 8718 for CSE and 10972 for ECE. The NTA Rank cut-off for 2023 admissions will depend on the actual applications received.

[Click here to view iM.Tech 2022 Admissions Summary]

Candidates can apply online from April 24, 2023.

SignUp url: Signup

Applicant Portal url: https://erp.iiitb.net/applicant-portal/

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For any urgent technical issues on the applicant portal, please reach out via WhatsApp at the number +91-9770502091.

    1. Any errors you encounter when filling the form.
    2. If you do not get e-mail with login-id and password AFTER payment.
    3. If you have difficulty in uploading your documents.

For all other queries, please send e-mail to admissions-mtech@iiitb.ac.in

Note: The portal works best on IE/Chrome/Firefox accessed through the desktop.

All applicants need to pay a non-refundable application fee of INR 1000/-. 


The tuition fee per semester for the students who are joining the I.M.Tech. programme in the academic year 2023-24 will be as follows:


Year 1 and 2

Year 3 and 4

Year 5

Rs. 1,92,000/- per semester

  Rs. 2,30,000/- per semester 

    Rs. 2,76,000/ per semester


As per the above break up, the total tuition fee for the entire duration of 5 years is Rs. 22,40,000/-. Note that the fees are subject to revision from time to time. 


Please note that this is a residential programme requiring compulsory stay in the hostel.


Students need to pay hostel and campus facility fee of Rs. 39,000 per semester and 28,800 per semester for catering and food services (again subject to revision from time to time). 

Medical Insurance charges are Rs. 2000 per annum. These are indicative at the prevailing rates and is subject to change.

At the time of admission each student needs to pay one-time Library Deposit of Rs. 4,000/- and one-time Caution Deposit for Hostel of Rs. 15,000/- which are refundable at the time of graduation.

Other costs for books and supplies, travel, purchase of a laptop, etc., need to be factored by students depending on their individual circumstances.

IIITB admission brochure.

IIITB information flyer

Click here to view Integarted MTech Handbook

Please write to IIIT-B Registrar or admissions-imtech@iiitb.ac.in, if you have any queries.


Online Applications


Online application available

 25 April, 2023

Last date for applying online and paying application fee

 12 June, 2023


Selection and Joining



Date of Announcement

Last Date for acceptance



 15 June, 2023

 26 June, 2023


 2 (if any)

 28 June, 2023

 3 July, 2023


 3 (if any)

 5 July, 2023

 10 July, 2023


 4 (if any)

 12 July, 2023

 17 July, 2023


 Special Round (if any)

(in person - on Campus)

 22 July, 2023 


 22 July, 2023 




Reporting date

20 July, 2023

Admissions closed (no fresh offers made after this date)

24 July, 2023



Special Admission Round: depending upon the availability of vacant seats, there may be a special admission round held in-person on IIITB campus.   


Eligibility for special round: all those who have applied and are within the specified cut-off (irrespective of the status of acceptance of previous offers, if any).


Note: The admission committee reserves all rights to alter the schedule depending upon the prevailing circumstances.



CGI Scholarship: IIIT Bangalore announces "CGI Scholarship" for top 20 girl students (as per their JEE Mains score) who join IIITB's I.M.Tech. 2023 programme. Each of the 20 girl students will receive 100% tuition waiver for the 1st semester.

Utkarsha Scholarship 2023: 100% Tuition Fee Waiver from IIITB for Top Rankers in JEE Mains!

IIITB has received sponsorship for 100% Tuition Fee waiver for FIVE top performing JEE rank holders who join IIITB's flagship 5-Year I.M.Tech. programme.  Those who have obtained JEE Mains NTA Rank of 999 or better are eligible for this unique Tuition Waiver scheme. Click here for more details. 

Dean’s List Scholarship: students are selected for Merit-based Scholarships on the basis of the Dean’s List promulgated by the office of Deans every year. In case of I.M.Tech. students, the students have to score 3.6 CGPA or more to get enlisted in the Dean’s List. Depending upon the availability of funds for scholarship each year, a certain percentage of students from the Dean’s List for Integrated M Tech students are awarded a scholarship of Rs 50,000/- per year.

AICTE Scholarship: Students who have qualified in the GATE exam (and have a valid GATE score card) by the time they start the final year of their I.M.Tech. programme would be eligible for AICTE scholarships as per AICTE norms in the final year of their I.M.Tech. programme.


NOTEScholarships from external funding agencies are subject to release of funds by the respective funding agencies.

IIIT Bangalore greatly values gender diversity among its students, staff and faculty, and strives to increase the same.


Our female students of the integrated M. Tech. programme have been in Dean's Merit List, have obtained Student Merit Scholarships  have won several medals and honors including the Institute Gold Medal apart from being our pillars of strength in extracurricular activities and sports. There are plenty of opportunities to obtain competitive, gender-based scholarships for our students







Our alumni are pursuing their dream careers in the corporate world and in research and have been finalists in the ACM ICPC programming contests. We are proud to present their achievements through a series of interviews (provide links to our two videos for now and add more as and when we publish them).


Links to the videos:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRd8F080pOk HYPERLINK "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRd8F080pOk&t=25s"& HYPERLINK "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRd8F080pOk&t=25s"t=25s

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ljKzeEN2os HYPERLINK "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ljKzeEN2os&t=78s"& HYPERLINK "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ljKzeEN2os&t=78s"t=78s



Message from Prof. Debabrata Das, Director, IIIT Bangalore:



Heartiest Congratulations on your success in the JEE Main exam. It is your consistent endeavor, which has made you successful and given you a chance to be a student of one of the best technical institutes of this nation.


IIIT Bangalore attracts bright faculty members with PhD from reputed universities of the world. This leads to state of art areas of research and focus on conceptual teaching. Hence it is one of the preferred destinations for bright students. This combination of faculty and students, along with regularly updated curriculum, Labs, teaching and research create the academic and hands on platform for a student. The learning process in IIITB is an experience for life time as you build your career.


Moreover, Bangalore being the Silicon Valley of India, with a large number of IT industries and R&D Labs from multinational companies as well as the government support, the students get vast exposure by interacting with eminent people in workshops/conferences and work with them during internship.


Along with academics, the campus is also active in non-academic events like sports, music, drama. etc., to encourage holistic growth of a student. Furthermore, Bangalore being well connected with the rest of the nation, so the student and their parents can travel to the city easily.


IIIT Bangalore campus provides a safe and conducive environment for the women students. The Gender Cell of the Institute is quite efficient and has several activities to promote gender sensitivity. The program coordinators, faculty in charge of student affairs and wardens take care of each student.


The women students have excelled in academics as well as extra-curricular activities. Some of them are placed in world-renowned companies, while some have been awarded scholarships to study in top universities. IIIT Bangalore is thus the Institution of choice for young, independent, female engineers in the making.


Wishing you a wonderful learning experience here!



Prof. Debabrata Das


Director, IIITB




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Please write to IIITB Registrar or admissions-imtech@iiitb.ac.in, if you have any queries.