Lecture Series

A Case for Correctly Rounded Math Libraries

This talk will provide an overview of the RLIBM project where we are building a collection of correctly rounded elementary functions for multiple representations and rounding modes.

Robot-Augmented Sensing and Localization for 6G Networks

The use of terrestrial or flying robots carrying radio equipment is the new promising frontier in our quest towards ever more flexible, adaptable wireless networks. Interestingly,

Engineering behind movies

This lecture promises to be a captivating and enlightening experience for anyone interested in the fascinating intersection between engineering and movies.

Four Internets: Data, Geoploitics and The Governance of Cyberspace

There is no doubt that the world is very dependent on the Internet these days. If it wasn't obvious before, we certainly realised our dependency during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Inauguration of Silver Jubilee Lecture Series

IIIT Bangalore organized Silver Jubilee Lecture Series on November 11. Three distinguished speakers from academia and industry were invited to give lectures as part of the Silver Jubilee lecture series inauguration.