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The Institute is an exclusive graduate school that offers programs that lead to post-graduate degrees. The graduate study programs offered lead to (a) course-based outcomes, namely the Integrated Master of Technology (Integrated M.Tech.), and the Master of Technology (M.Tech.) in Information Technology and Electronic Systems Design, and (b) research outcomes, namely, the Master of Science by Research/ Master of Science (Research) and Digital Society and the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.). These programs offer training that is comparable to the best anywhere, and cater to different needs. The course-based degree programs are full-time resident programs that offer the students a comprehensive learning in an area of specialization. The research degree programs, which may be undertaken as a full-time or a part-time registration, train the students to undertake quality research work in a specific research domain. The course-based degree programs have a fixed timeline whereas the research degree programs are student-paced. Working professionals employed as research scientists/engineers at reputed organization or government agencies are encouraged to pursue part-time research degree programs.

Programmes at a Glance