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IIITB prides itself in setting the highest standards in the selection of its faculty. All full-time faculty have a PhD with considerable work/research and teaching experience in leading institutions around the world. The faculty at the Institute have published papers in over 60 journals, both national and international.

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Amit Chattopadhyay

Ph.D. (University of Groningen) a.chattopadhyay@iiitb.ac.in

Badrinath Ramamurthy

Ph.D. (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY USA) badrinath.r@iiitb.ac.in

Balaji Parthasarathy

Ph.D. (University of California Berkeley) pbalaji@iiitb.ac.in

Balakrishnan Ashok

Ph.D. (University of Massachusetts Amherst) bashok@iiitb.ac.in

Bidisha Chaudhuri

Ph.D. (Universität Heidelberg) Bidisha@iiitb.ac.in

Chandrashekar Ramanathan

Ph.D. (Mississippi State University) rc@iiitb.ac.in

Debabrata Das

Ph.D. (IIT Kharagpur) ddas@iiitb.ac.in

Dinesh Babu Jayagopi

Ph.D. (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) jdinesh@iiitb.ac.in

G R Sinha

Ph.D. (Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University Bhilai) gr.sinha@iiitb.ac.in

Harish Ramani

Ph.D. (Queensland University of Technology) harish.ramani@iiitb.ac.in

Janaki Srinivasan

Ph.D. (University of California Berkeley) janaki.srinivasan@iiitb.ac.in

Jaya Sreevalsan Nair

Ph.D. (University of California Davis) jnair@iiitb.ac.in

Jyotsna Bapat

Ph.D. (Pennsylvania State University) jbapat@iiitb.ac.in

Karthikeyan Vaidyanathan

Ph.D. (Ohio State University)

Kunal P Ghosh

M.Tech. (IIT Bombay) kunal.ghosh@iiitb.ac.in