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If Computer Science is about the use of computational techniques and thinking for solving problems, it stands to reason that computer science in turn can and must be applied to address the many critical problems of the 21st century, of which we may mention the need for smart machines and complex systems that can work with humans seamlessly and improve society as a whole, and sustainable development and usage of systems to make effective use of scarce and expensive resources such as energy. The tools and paradigms used to address such problems can themselves be new ones, other than merely the ones traditionally found in the repertoire of computer scientists. To this end, our work in the computer science research domain covers diverse topics dealing with theory as well as application areas, such as smart grids, supply chains and their optimization, algorithms, machine learning, cloud computing, dynamic modeling and control of servers, and renewable energy. With the tremendous rise in distributed computing applications, the issue of security and privacy in distributed applications has got tremendous attention from the research community in the past decade. A major theme of the cryptographic research at IIITB is secure distributed computing, with emphasis on secure multi-party computation (MPC) and verifiable computation, both at the theoretical as well as applied level. While we strive to be rigorous and thorough in all our research, whether theoretical or applied, we are also aware of the multidisciplinary context and significance of our work, and strive to address issues that are relevant to society in general and industry in particular. The focus of work in Computational Topology at IIITB is towards using topological methods for improving visual representation and information extraction from scientific datasets. 

Computer Science Faculty Members:

Prof. Amit Chattopadhyay
Prof. Ashish Choudhury
Prof. Meenakshi D’Souza
Prof. V. N. Muralidhara
Prof. Pradeesha Ashok
Prof. G. N. S. Prasanna
Prof. Sachit Rao
Prof. Shrisha Rao
Prof. G. Srinivasaraghavan
Prof. Srinivas Vivek

Ganaka at IIITB is interested broadly in the areas of Algorithms, Optimization, and Robotics. Major focus areas include: Robust optimization under uncertainty, with applications to supply chains, real time search, banking, smart grid, transportation, gaming and allied areas. This work couples algorithms with information theory. Approximation algorithms, machine learning, cryptography and linguistics. Novel robot skeletons using generalized mechanisms, incorporating magnetics distributed throughout. Algebraic number theory. Electronic design automation including statistical timing analysis and optimization for digital circuits, power analysis and optimization and formal verification, semiconductor manufacturing, statistical optimization, combinatorial optimization, and design and analysis of algorithms. Visualization (scientific and information), high-performance computing, computational geometry and topology. Others, such as, various aspects of power line communication for AMR over low voltage power lines, which include channel modeling, transceiver design and MAC layer design.

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