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Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) was set up at the institute post NAAC accreditation, (Accreditation Cycle 1) to work as a facilitative and participatory unit of the institute for sustaining and improving the quality of the academic and research pursuits.

The main task of the IQAC is to:

  1. To coordinate with all the functional units of the institute and list out the quality enhancement initiatives and to take initiative in implementing the same.
  2. Plan strategies in minimizing the deficiencies in the system and processes, which results in better quality outcome of the institutional functioning.
  3. Develop an evaluation system to monitor the sustenance and improvement in the overall performance of the institute.
  4. Provide regular audit feedbacks for curriculum improvement based on the industry trends and employability of the students in the emerging sectors.
  5. Ensure holistic academic excellence.



To impart quality education in the fields of Information Technology (IT) & Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) streams and Digital Technologies focused on Societal needs; foster an environment conducive for interdisciplinary research; strive for academic and research excellence in the above fields.  


To focus on improving the academic and administrative performance of the institute; devise and recommend the best practices for implementing in the system/ procedures that ensures timely, efficient and effective performance of academic and administrative tasks; ensuring the adequacy, maintenance and functioning of the support structure and services for optimal utilization in achieving the vision and mission of the institute.


  1. Formulating and implementing quality benchmarks for all academic and administrative activities of the Institution.
  2. Facilitating and ensuring faculty adopt the requisite knowledge and technology in the teaching and learning process for imparting quality education; fostering a learner – centric academic environment.
  3. Provide inputs to the Senate by reviewing and recommending important quality initiative proposals/ measures.
  4. Collection and analysis of feedback from all stakeholders on quality-related institutional processes.
  5. Organizing workshops and seminars related to academic and research activities of the institute as well on quality enhancement.
  6. Audit conduct of periodical intra and inter-college extra-curricular activities at the institute.
  7. Documentation of the various programmes/activities leading to quality improvement.
  8. Acting as a nodal agency of the institute in coordinating quality-related activities, including adoption and dissemination of best practices.
  9. Development and maintenance of institutional database through MIS for the purpose of maintaining /enhancing the institutional quality.
  10. Periodical conduct of Academic and Administrative Audits and its follow-up.
  11. Preparation and submission of Annual Quality Assurance Reports (AQAR) to NAAC on a timely manner as well as support the institute academic and administrative machinery in other accreditation and ranking processes.


Strategies to achieve the above:

To be in coherence with the UGC/MHRD and other regulatory agency directives, and to compete and meet with the challenges posed by the globalization, IQAC constantly strive to formulate strategies that,

  • Promote & ensure timely, efficient progress in the performance of academic, administrative and financial tasks by constantly monitoring actionable points.
  • Ensure that relevant and quality academic/ research programmes are carried out, and update and modify the same (if need be) through continual review and feedback.
  • Optimize and integrate the latest methods in teaching and learning process.
  • Maintain credibility of assessment and evaluation procedures.




1st IQAC Meeting 

2nd IQAC Meeting


3rd IQAC Meeting 

4th IQAC Meeting


5th IQAC Meeting

6th IQAC Meeting


7th IQAC Meeting

8th IQAC Meeting


9th IQAC Meeting

10th IQAC Meeting


11th IQAC Meeting

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13th IQAC Meeting

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15th IQAC Meeting

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Year Best Practice
2015 Quiz driven labs
2015 IMACX Open Innovation Platform (https://www.imacx.org)
2016 Chit-chats by individual professors with research students
2016 Seed Grants and Conference Support
2016 Motivating Undergrad (and Master’s) Students for Higher Studies and Research
2017 Samvaad
2017 Creative non-technical expressions of engineering concepts
2018 Happy Healthy Hour
2018 Student Benevolent Fund
2019 State of the art research paper reading and presentation
2019 Automation in Finance process
2019 Project in Lab Course

10 unbeatable reasons why IIIT Bangalore (IIITB) is the preferred university for IT education in India

  1. A clear focus on our raison d'être - It is our vision to leverage the power of Information Technology to transform the lives of individuals and society through continuous innovation in IT education, research, and entrepreneurship.
  2. Over two decades of excellence in IT education – As a deemed-to-be university, we have consistently been at the forefront of IT education and innovation for the past 21 years. Intersecting between technology and society, IIITB has grown in stature to become a highly reputed institute with its unique model of education, research, and industry interaction.
  3. A global outlook and an industry-ready curriculum – We attract students from all over India and abroad and have the unique distinction of selecting 100% students on merit, pushing up the level of discourse and peer group at the institute. We offer interdisciplinary courses which criss-cross information technology and social sciences.
  4. Research Focus - Research is the driving force at IIITB which has three key research centres with customized infrastructure and multiple labs managed by a group of expert Faculty members. Research on the campus is showcased through different forums round the year such as IIITB Rise, Samvaad talk series, conferences, presentations and publications.
  5. World-class Faculty – We have outstanding faculty drawn from the some of the best institutions across the world such as MIT, Cornell University, Pennsylvania State University, University of California Berkeley, IISc, and University of Toronto. The institute’s pool of distinguished professors has the right mix of academic expertise, research experience, global industry exposure and insights.
  6. 100% Placements -  IIITB has recorded 100% placement with major companies in the areas of product, hardware, research and development consistently visiting the campus. Students have also bagged international offers with record salaries. Some of the consistent recruiters include Cisco, Morgan Stanley, TCS, Accenture, Telstra, MediaTek and MathsWorks.
  7. A vibrant Alumni community – We are proud of our 3300+ alumni, many of whom currently hold leadership positions in over 100 blue-chip MNCs and large companies in the areas of IT products and services, in India and abroad. 
  8. Innovation Hub - IIITB Innovation Centre collaborates with exceptional researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs, users, and communities to co-create knowledge and socially-relevant solutions using cutting-edge technologies for a wide range of social needs. Our portfolio of solutions and startups help us, our communities and our governments. The centre nurtures research-led innovations, and offer pre-seed and seed-stage investments. 
  9. Campus and Location: The nine-acre main campus in Electronic City, the heart of the IT Industry in Bengaluru, has five main buildings with facilities like Innovation Centre, academic blocks, research labs, state-of-the-art classrooms, playground, library, food court, four student residence halls, medical room and multipurpose hall. 
  10. World-class facilities and amenities: The institute has around 90,000 sq. ft. of air conditioned space. The campus has modern facilities for various outdoor and indoor sports. A modern 900 seater auditorium-cum-conference complex is almost ready for inauguration.

Established systems and procedures for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities - laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc.

The institute administration takes direct initiative in the maintenance and upkeep of infrastructure and support facilities.  The Infrastructure and Maintenance committee headed by the Director oversees the maintenance of the buildings, classrooms, sports complexes and laboratories.  Registrar, Chief Administration Officer, Chief Finance Officer and various committee heads monitors the quality of maintenance of infrastructure and equipment and the custodians of the equipment frequently examine them for timely maintenance, repairs and procurement.

Infrastructure and Maintenance committee
Institute’s Estate Office headed by Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), maintains the campus infrastructure, installations and equipment through its preventive and post maintenance activities. In case of any repairs/ faulty equipment reported orally or in the Complaint Registers maintained for this purpose are immediately attended to, which ensures a safe campus life to its residents.  House Keeping & Gardening activities and Cafeteria/ Mess and its services coming under the purview of Estate Office are outsourced and handled efficiently by trained personnel by the respective supervisors,

Separate Electrical and Technical maintenance team is responsible for maintaining technical requirements of infrastructure facilities through the Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) from the external service providing firms. All buildings are connected through a 1000 kVA transformers (750kva+250kva), 945 kVA generators (625kva+320kva) and 220KV UPS to provide Uninterrupted Power Supply. Solar Water heating for the hostels with a capacity of 27,000 Liters (equivalent to 2,44,000 units of power per year) are operational. 

Security Services - the Campus security is also outsourced and maintained by external agency named “Var Facility Management Solutions ” which provides the round the clock security service and supervised by two Security Supervisors. CCTV cameras are installed in all the prime locations of the campus for surveillance and protection of institute manpower.

Housekeeping Services & Gardening -  Housekeeping of Academic blocks, Hostel blocks, campus and Garden maintenance service is outsourced to “Var Facility Management Solutions”

Other facilities such as central Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant, Solar Power Plant, Solid Waste Management System, Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), Drinking Water, Medical and Parking facilities are well maintained by the Estate Office. 

Maintenance of Academic, Library, Laboratories, IT, Sports & Hostel Facilities.

Academic infrastructure and maintenance is under the control of Dean (Academics) and technical staff assigned takes cares of smooth functioning of classroom activities and supports the faculty and students in providing an excellent teaching and learning environment.

IT, Library, Laboratories and Sports facilities and services are supervised by the respective faculty-in-charge and advisory committees. 

Institute Data Centre with the help of IT Committee through its inclusive IT policy provides Wi-Fi, Cybersecurity, Data management and recovery, licensed software, and highly refined server services round the clock with the supporting staff and maintain adequate computers & accessories in Admin, faculty, Lab, and Classroom areas. Inspection of these facilities is regularly monitored and annual maintenance is done through external agencies.

Library facilities and services are well maintained by the library staff under the supervision of Library Committee and upkeep (orderliness and cleanliness) of the facilities with the help of housekeeping staff and provides its users a conducive learning environment with flexible timings for reference to its print resources and electronic resources round the clock without any physical barriers through campus internet and remote access facilities. Library committee strives to provide the optimal support in terms of teaching and learning resources and continuously looks out ways for improvement in providing the facilities and services to its patrons through its continuous Collection Development Process in concurrence with the faculty recommendation.  Feedback/ Suggestions received by the library staff from faculty, staff and students regarding facilities and service enhancements are passed on to the Library Committee for necessary action,  Periodic and regular monitoring and maintenance of the physical infrastructure is undertaken by the library staff and additional/ replacement requirements are forwarded to Estate Office with the approval of Library Committee for fulfilment.  Standard classification and cataloguing schemes, book tags, shelf lists are used to classify and arrange the library resources for quick identification and optimum usage.  Periodical stock checking and verification is done in order to assess the availability of the print books for uninterrupted usage.  Entry/Exit register is maintained at the library entrance to monitor the Library usage by students.

Sports Complex and recreational facilities are handled by the Qualified Sports Officer and the facilities are maintained by the Campus Maintenance Committee. Sports equipments are periodically inspected and necessary repairs are done as and when required and new gears are purchased accordingly. A Complaint / request register is placed in the reception for student and faculty to file their requirements for fulfilment.  

Medical facilities: A Clinic with a medical officer and a nurse is available on campus. Institute has a dynamic network with local hospitals which provide ambulance facilities in case of emergency and also inpatient admissions in those hospitals, if required.  First-aid kits are kept handy and always available at the security desk near the Reception area

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