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5G | Published on Dec 13, 2022

What are the concerns around 5G services and the functioning of Altimeters

Dr. V. Sridhar speaks to us on the concerns around the interference between 5G services and the use of spectrum by Altimeters in planes, and if there is a solution to this concern.

Spectrum for 5G services was auctioned out by India earlier this year. The pattern followed pretty much what was standard for the rest of the world that had preceded us. And, like in the re ...

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Can SAT phones make it commercially?

5G | Published on Apr 12, 2022

By V Sridhar, Professor at IIIT Bangalore; currently visiting the University of Southern California. There is renewed interest in Satellite communication deployments, with Starlink operated by ...

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How to improve data speeds

5G | Published on Dec 20, 2019

By : V Sridhar, Badrinarayan M & Girish K Mobile broadband subscriptions in India are expected to surpass voice-only 2G services very soon—4G LTE subscriptions account for 50% of mobile ...

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A Cautionary Note on Spectrum Auctions

5G | Published on Aug 08, 2019

Author: V. Sridhar, Professor, IIIT Bangalore and Prof. Heikki Hämmäinen of Aalto University, Finland The article discusses the high reserve prices set by TRAI for 5G spectrum, examples ...

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Deployment of 5G Networks

5G | Published on Jul 29, 2019

Author: Dr. V Sridhar, International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore and Prof. Rohit Prasad, MDI Gurgaon In this article, the prerequisites before we get gung-ho about 5G ...